White People: - “Black people are always pulling the race card!”

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In which I look much more mature and collected than I really am

There is definitely no male equivalent. “I can tell that you’re honest because you don’t try to conceal your facial features with a beard, not many men are like that”

Don’t Try to Compliment Me By Insulting Other Women: The Memoir


Aretha Franklin and Michael Jackson mashup…

geez, I love this woman more and more everyday

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make yourself strong

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I definitely will when I’m not so tired

and yes that is quite cheering news thank you

foundthroughtheupsanddowns asked: Work is difficult and hard and awful sometimes. But one day the world will wake up and vote you to be the unquestioned leader of the whole planet. Until then, you can take comfort in knowing you get to wake up and know you're beautiful and kind and loved and talented and unique and perfect hehe. Just try your best, that's all the world can really ask. You're loved. Positive vibes headed your way

This is perfect you are perfect thank you


catholicchurchofficial asked: A grapple

catholicchurchofficial asked: Am I too late for the fruit game? A cherry




Courtney and I have been sitting on the couch on our laptops and periodically one of us will respond to something by saying “nono” in a Logan voice and we will giggle for a long time

The ‘Logan’ voice? Nono.

Actually tbh I said “you did the thing” and I was about to describe it as “that thing that Logan and KC do” but then Courtney was described it as a Logan thing so I blame her 100%

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Joan and Marcus RUNNIN BUDDIES.

For Piper!

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