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Hey so I’m leaving for South Korea on Monday and I think someone should make me a playlist for the trip :D

Connor made me one for China and whenever I listen to it now I remember the trip really strongly


Im in a cybersix mood [part 5]

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The line between clothes I think look good and clothes I think look hilarious has grown thin again

I was at NewOld’s today after choir and there was a dress that was completely shapeless, just a sleeveless shift, and it was divided vertically into off-white and teal, with a gigantic pocket of the opposite colour on each side

and I think I love it

Anonymous asked:
Actually - SEX is defined as biological, as it refers to the reproductive organs that somebody was born with. GENDER refers to how a person identifies. So technically, biological sex is not a social construct because it is more geared towards medical significance. Assuming that they are the same or that one gender requires certain traits is a social construct.

Anon 2: The ‘Sex’ in ‘Biological Sex’ is not a social construct. It refers to the fact that we are either XX or XY and were born with genitalia that comes from that chromosome pairing. How we *identify/label* that sex, be it masculine/male or feminine/female, is the social construct because the identification/label is often used interchangeably with gender. This is why medical institutions prefer to know your Biological Sex instead of your Gender. XX and XY have different general health risks.


Sex is determined by doctors based on your genitals. If you have something close enough to what they believe males should have you’re called a male. If you have something close enough to what they believe females should have you’re called a female. Because genitals are diverse


not all genitals are what we stereotypically think of male or female. Some people have medical issues or have medical exams that reveal that their chromosomes, hormones, or internal sex organs don’t match what is usually thought of as male or female.

We made up these categories and thought that male always equals penis, testicles, testosterone, XY and female always equals vagina, vulva, uterus, ovaries, clitoris, estrogen, XX but that’s not true. People have a combination of genitals, sex organs, chromosomes and hormones and we need multiple tests to figure out who exactly has what. Because most people don’t get these tests done unless something medically happens that they need the test done we don’t know how many people have these variances. It is a social construct that says that people born with penises are men and people born with vulvas and vaginas are women. Although it’s true that many people born with penises many times have specific medical needs that differ from people born with vaginas and vice versa it’s not necessary for medical reasons. When you see a doctor they ask you many different questions including medical history. Designated sex alone is not enough to know any and all medical problems that could occur. In fact the assumption that all those born with certain genitals have certain medical needs can cause many health problems because of hormonal differences and chromosomal differences.

So yeah no, sex is a social construct too.



I harp on trans men a lot, and a lot of it is just that many trans men (both in my life and on this site) behave atrociously towards women and 100% act as agents of patriarchy

But also there’s this lie that’s been going around: that in order to be trans and afab you HAVE to be transmasc - demigirls are actually cis, girl-aligned nbs are actually cis, no afab with a shred of womanhood in them can possibly be trans in any way (This is part of a larger lie that manhood in general is real and natural while womanhood is artificial and fake).

And maybe there are baby transes out there wh believe this lie like I used to, and feel like they have to choose between being cis or being a man. And I want to let those kids know that there are other, less toxic ways to honor your own feelings about yr gender.

I have to call Emily Carr rn to ask them about registering for that test, and I’m sitting in the Mulberry and I have less than 15 minutes before I have to be back at choir, but I have to do it now because due to the time change and the 9-5 choir rehearsals all week, and then the trip next week, there’s no time I can do it other than my lunch break

I don’t even have anything to write with fuck

Do you believe transwomen can be feminists? Do you accept them as women?

Trans women can be allies to feminism, like all males. 








Do you have a problem accepting the idea that people amab could grow up to be people who present, and thus are treated, as women?

Dressing as or being assumed to be a woman does not make someone a woman. They can still be allies though, of course.

I’m not asking if you yourself think of them women in a philosophical sense.
I’m saying that if they are treated/perceived as women, for decades say, how would that make them not people with who have experienced what it’s like to be a woman?

Because they were not raised as girls and thus they were not socialized and conditioned as girls with all of the subordination and oppression that girls experience and live through from the moment of their birth and to the end of their lives.

They were socialized and conditioned as boys and received male privilege until they began being perceived as women and in many cases continue to use the male entitlement they were conditioned into well into their transitions.

True, however once you start to be perceived as a woman, you are conditioned and socialized as female. Granted, the message doesn’t get as deep, since it’s conditioning post developmental stages, but we never stop being socialized, even as adults.
So I guess I’m saying people amab can still experience womanhood, even if it’s not girlhood.
It all depends on the majority’s perception.

Only females can be women, so we disagree on this.

Did you know our perceptions of our own identities are one of the strongest factors in how we perform within gender roles? So perceiving oneself as female (whether you identify as female or you are afab non-binary or genderfluid) actually has a huge influence on the way we act within society. And this is so pervasive that when women (i.e. ANYONE who identifies themselves as a woman) take tests that open by asking what gender they are this reminder of their gender role negatively contributes to academic test scores. They perform worse when they are expected to perform worse.

What this means is that while our gender roles are developed from even before we are born, they are also malleable and socially influenced throughout our lives. I don’t understand why you think having a penis would exclude someone from being able to experience oppression against women. If you perceive yourself as female then you are going to be vulnerable to the way society views women. 

8, 12, 21, 25, 34, 35, 45, 50. Sorry, that's a lot.

[[MORE]]What’s your most comforting article of clothing?

My dress from grade eight grad. I throw it on in the morning and wear it around the house in the summer when I’m too lazy to put on real clothes

What is an important possession of yours which was a gift?

Ooh. Lots of things. My grandpa gave me a necklace that says Suze on it though, and I like it a lot

What was your favourite story or book as a kid? Do you still like it?

Here are the titles of some of my weird picture books: Verdi, Tilly and the Rhinocerous, Victor and Christabel, Even That Moose Won’t Listen to Me!, Andrew and the Wild Bikes

What’s a food you used to dislike that you like now?


What is an aesthetically pleasing fruit or vegetable?

Oranges. And rambutan. Coming in at least aesthetically pleasing is lilikoi.

What is something you misunderstood as a child?

I thought that House M.D. was a crime show about a series of murders occurring in the same house.

Where do you go for space to breathe?

The trails in Cootes, near my house.

What do you do when you are on the phone?

Fidget with whatever is closest to me.

If I really cared about the environment, I wouldn’t wear nail polish or makeup.

If I really cared about the environment, I wouldn’t be going to school somewhere several thousand kilometres away that will require me to make more plane trips per year than ever.

If I really cared about the environment, I would find a secluded spot somewhere in the woods, dig a hole, and bury myself in it.

1 1/3 Word Pages of Questions


  1. What’s in your head when you’re trying to fall asleep?
  2. How do you get yourself to sleep?
  3. Are you the villain in someone else’s story?
  4. What are some phrases you say a lot?
  5. What’s something you don’t say anymore?
  6. Do you cry when you’re tired, or is that just me?
  7. How would you describe your living area?
  8. What’s your most comforting article of clothing?
  9. How has your style of dressing changed?
  10. Are you one of those people who never takes the receipt?
  11. Do you lean in to be seen by the camera even though it can see you just fine, and then it looks like you’re slouching in the photograph?
  12. What is an important possession of yours which was a gift?
  13. What is your least favourite song?
  14. What is art?
  15. What is your accent like?
  16. What is the best kind of party?
  17. What’s the hardest thing for you to say?
  18. When is a time that you were entirely honest?
  19. What is a family story you know?
  20. What is a story about you as a child, or a strong childhood memory?
  21. What was your favourite story or book as a kid? Do you still like it?
  22. What do you like about cities?
  23. What do you remember from kindergarten?
  24. What’s something you struggled with in elementary school?
  25. What’s a food you used to dislike that you like now?
  26. Is there a food that you no longer like? Why?
  27. What’s something that wasn’t as good as you remembered it the second time you did it?
  28. Are you good at remembering names and faces?
  29. Is it “Quote-unquote”, or “Quote-on-quote”?
  30. Poke or Cepsi?
  31. Do you write your notes by hand, or type them up? Both?
  32. How do you remember to do everything that you need to do?
  33. What does your recorded voice sound like?
  34. What is an aesthetically pleasing fruit or vegetable?
  35. What is something you misunderstood as a child?
  36. What is a smell you recognize, but can’t identify? What do you associate it with?
  37. What was the first wedding you attended?
  38. What was the first funeral you attended?
  39. What is a decision you made when you were young which has affected who you are today?
  40. Where have you travelled?
  41. What ticks you off?
  42. Are you good at fixing things?
  43. When is the last time you cleaned your room?
  44. What is the view out your window like?
  45. Where do you go for space to breathe?
  46. What do you think your handwriting says about you?
  47. What truth is there to the idea that birth order significantly affects your personality?
  48. Who are your family?
  49. Do you like saving things?
  50. What do you do when you are on the phone?
  51. Do you talk to yourself? When?
  52. What is the best area in your living space for taking pictures?
  53. Can you speak another language?
  54. At what point do you think one can be said to be able to speak a language?
  55. What is the last lie you told a child?
  56. What is the last lie you told yourself?

daygl0cat I dunno if you want these, but here they are.

I know “existentially disgusting” doesn’t make much sense but I was trying to figure out a way to say that I feel so disgusting it’s like having an existential crisis